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We're democratizing the concept of promoted content, taking what the big social media companies have been holding tight to their chest and making it available for anyone who has a stream of content - which includes everyone from independent writers and bloggers, to traditional media companies, to content aggregation services and apps.

Unlike conventional sponsored posts where the advertiser usually pays for a post to be written and published by the publisher so it looks and acts like a normal article, Promoted ads are contextually optimized based on the content that surrounds them to provide advertisers and publishers the most value.

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Common Questions

How is this different from Facebook's Sponsored Stories and Twitter's Promoted Tweets?

Where it differs from Facebook or Twitter's platform is that it's open to all publishers who have a content stream and meet our approval criteria. Ads on Facebook and Twitter only show up within their respective platforms. Promoted is that platform for the rest of the web.

Where do ads actually show up? What sites or apps are they shown on/in?

We partner with a variety of publishers from large media companies with very active content streams, to medium sized blogs that have very specific and highly sought audiences, to content aggregation apps and services. Since Promoted is contextual, it's not possible to single out specific publishers within the network. The ad you are buying is contextually aware and displayed alongside content that will drive the best performance.

How can I be certain that my ads aren't showing up next to questionable content?

Much like how movies are rated for their age level, we rate the partners according to the content that shows up in their content stream. When configuring your campaign you can determine the "rating" of content you wish to advertise alongside.

What kind of performance should I expect?

Unlike traditional banner ads, Promoted ads see very healthy click-through rates in the 0.50% to 3%+ range. Ultimately, advertising shouldn't be a conflict - advertisers and publishers both win if ads are more effective. From what we've seen, context-aware, in-stream ads are an effective way for advertisers to get a return on their investment, and publishers to be able to get paid better.

Aren't the ads just a new deceptive way of tricking users into clicking them?

No. At the end of the day, advertisers need to measure their ad spend based on whether or not they are achieving their goals. If the clicks from native ad units like Promoted were all accidental, we'd expect to have very unhappy (and few) advertisers as a result. On the contrary, because these ads are relevant to what the user is interested in, we're seeing that Promoted ads often have the best conversion rates, as users deliberately seek out products relevant to the content they are interested in consuming.

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