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Sponsoring a newsletter provides access to a specific and engaged audience. Unlike traditional advertising methods, newsletters cater to consumers who are interested in a particular field.
Why Newsletters?Newsletters offer regular touchpoints for potential customers, fostering brand recognition over time. They are typically seen as trusted sources of information, which can enhance your brand's credibility.
How do I create a landing page for sponsors?
We do that for you! Complete the "Get Started" form to let us know more about your newsletter (site url + subscriber count) as well as the email address we should get back to you with.
How do bookings work?
Using your newsletter release schedule (e.g. "Every Tuesday", etc.), Promoted provides an easy-to-use calendar with the available dates highlighted. Advertisers can then easily select a run date.
What happens when I get a new sponsor?
After the 3-step sponsor checkout process is completed, you'll be notified via email that you have a new [paid] sponsor. The email will include some basic details with a "review campaign" link.
Can ads be modified after being generated?
Yes! While the ai-powered ad generator does a great job at creating initial drafts, prospective sponsors can easily modify and fine-tune the ads after they're generated to better align with the sponsor's brand voice and message.
How are ad revisions/approvals handled?
You can request changes or approve ads directly from Promoted. This built-in feature streamlines communication and ensures ads meet your standards before they go live.
What if I don't want to approve a sponsor?
If ad revisions are not an option to approve a sponsor request (e.g. conflicting business, etc.), you have the ability to issue a full refund to the sponsor via the built-in revision manager.
What are the payment options?
Our checkout system supports a variety of payment methods including major credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets, providing flexibility and convenience.
Is the payment process secure?
Security is our top priority. Our checkout system is powered by Stripe, a leading online payment processor known for its advanced security measures. This ensures payment information is handled safely and securely.